Yan Wan

Assistant Professor


Research Interests:

 Large-scale Dynamical Networks with Applications

 Stochastic Network Modeling and Analysis

 Decentralized Control

 Air Traffic Flow Management

 Sensor Networking

 Systems Biology


Research Projects:

 IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) Outreach Fund, 2013-2014.

 Dynamical-Network Evaluation and Design Tools for Strategic-to-Tactical Air Traffic Flow Management, NSF CPS, September 2010-August 2014.

 Stochastic Environmental-Impact Modeling for Automated Decision-Making in Infrastructure Networks: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach, NSF EAGER, September 2010-August 2013.

 Stochastic weather-impact modeling for flow-contingency planning at a strategic time horizon, MITRE Corporation (subcontract from FAA), July 2010-September 2013.

 On the design of practical consensus building strategies in distributed sensor networks, UNT Research Initiation Grant, 2012. 

 Layered network Models for Avian Influenza: Comprehensive Modeling and Inference, UNT Research Initiation Grant, 2011.

 Developing Tools for Collaborative Strategic-to-Tactical Air Traffic Flow Management, UNT Junior Faculty Summer Research Fellowship, 2010.


Research Introduction:

From microbiological networks to ecological systems, from traffic networks to engineered unmanned robot teams, network structures are ubiquitous and greatly impact our daily lives. In many network applications, we are confronted with the need to shape network dynamics in certain ways, e.g., to trigger/shut off the production of certain chemical/genetic compounds by targeting drugs to regulatory networks, to reduce the total delay in national air space through smartly coordinating traffic flows. We call these tasks "Network Control" tasks. My research is concerned with providing solutions/tools to these various network control tasks.


The research subjects that I have worked on or am currently working on are listed in the following:

 Theoretical Development in Network Control

Dynamical Network Design

Decentralized Control

Large-Scale Network Simulation

Distributed Network Partition

 Fundamental Control Theory


Delay Differential Equations

System Structure

Algebraic Graph Theory

 System Biology/Bioinformatics

Virus Spread Control

Sleep Regulation

Genetic Discrimination

 Air Traffic Flow Management

 Sensor/Vehicle Networking

             UAV Mobility Models

             Consensus Building


Current Students:

 Yi Zhou (Ph.D.)

 Shuo Sun (MS)

 Gopichand Movva (MS)

 Junfei Xie (MS)

 Riya Patil (MS)

 Vardhman Sheth (MS)

 Imtiaz Parvez (MS)

 Iman Mandal (MS), co-advised with Dr. Hualiang Zhang, Electrical Engineering

 Marigona Bokshi (Undergraduate)

 Joel Jacob, Texas Academy of Math and Science (High school)

 Noel Jacob, Texas Academy of Math and Science (High school)


Previous Group Members:

 Dayin He (MS), graduated in August 2012. (co-advised with Dr. Yan Huang, Computer Science)

 Veenadhar Katragadda  (MS), graduated in August 2012.

 Guilin Zhang (MS), graduated in August 2012. (co-advised with Dr. Qunfeng Dong, Biology)

 Yi Zhou (MS), graduated in May 2011, currently continue with Ph.D.

 Swathik Akula (MS), graduated in December 2010, currently with Maryland state highway administration.

 Noah Maze (Undergraduate), graduated in May 2012, currently with Cornell.